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About Us

Get to know us…

At Flavor by Faith, our family is dedicated to making the healthy lifestyle your life.

Faith is the founder and director of Flavorbyfaith where we offer specialized catering ,healthymealprep ,seasonings ,sauces , teas and an array of wholesome food based products.
Flavorbyfaith was established in 2015 in Indianapolis Indiana where our founder was born and raised. Shis is a wife ,mother and lover of all things living .She loves gardening ,traveling and spending time creating memories with her loved ones. Faith fell in love with cooking at an very early age and changed her relationship with food by partaking in those things that were beneficial to her health .By doing so she lost a significant amount of weight and began educating others on her mealprep strategy,gardening and becoming whole mentally and physically.

We offer meals to tantalize and delight your taste buds while promoting a healthy lifestyle so many of us crave. Our meals are high in protein and include all natural ingredients; you will not find any fillers i our products. We offer hormone and GMO free meals that are delicious as well as low carbohydrates, low sodium and low glycemic index and the best part is that it is delivered right to your doorstep. Our packaging is all BPA free.


My main goal at FLAVORBYFAITH is to get more people celebrating the elegance of healthy dining wholesomely ,with lots of colors and garden fresh flavors .By making changes in our day to day eating habits we can devolp and create in our mind the power to control our outer actions by focusing inwardly and surrounding ourselves with those that love and support us.”— Faith Jackson


Business Opportunities ,Talent Collaboration or Media inquiries

: customersupport@flavorbyfaith.com

 At Flavor by Faith, we Design, Create and Deliver fresh and healthy meals as well as recipes to those who are looking to improve themselves through a lifestyle of healthy eating.

Flavorbyfaith has allowed me to focus on my workout and not have to focus on managing my meals. And the best part is they're delicious.

Changing their Lives with “The Plan”…Order Now!

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Our meals can be custom made to be gluten free, dairy free or vegetarian to meet the needs of you and your guests.