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Course Information

At Flavor by Faith, our family is dedicated to making the healthy lifestyle your life.

Flavorbyfaith collaborates with community-‐based organizations & programs to reach families in familiar and accessible settings. Our community partners provide kitchen and classroom space, and flavorbyfaith brings all cooking supplies, ingredients, and class materials to site.Flavorbyfaith teaches course participants skills ranging from Gardening ,how to purchase healthy affordable fruits and vegetables at the grocery store ,importance of family dinning ,Importance of eating balanced meals as well as teaching healthy cooking habits.

By initiating discussions and introducing hands on and interactive activities for youth that build upon participants’ own experiences flavorbyfaith helps to create long lasting effective learning opportunities. Participants build confidence in their new skills through active class participation, enabling positive behavior changes in their daily life. Classmates also help one another by working together in groups and sharing in the progress of others. Flavorbyfaith encourages participants to use what they learn during the course at home to make healthier choices for their families, and prepare balanced, delicious meals. Because proper knowledge of healthy food preparation, consumption and cooking is critical for children’s health, development, and ability to learn, acquiring these skills can return important long-term benefits for a family’s physical and economic well-being.

Flavorbyfaiths course teaches participants important lessons about self-sufficiency in the kitchen. Participants get hands on fundamental lessons including Gardening, how to purchase healthy affordable fruits and vegetables at the grocery store, importance of family dinning, Importance of eating balanced meals as well as teaching healthy cooking habits.

If you are interested in a At the table with flavorbyfaith course, please review information on Getting started and fill out our contact form with your organizations name email phone and contact person

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    Flavorbyfaith has allowed me to focus on my workout and not have to focus on managing my meals. And the best part is they're delicious.

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