Growing Food ,mental solitude !

In today’s social media raved  society  an increasing number of people deal with psychological distress and mental illnesses that have a major negative socioeconomic impact . Even while mental illnesses like depression and anxiety are very common, the majority of people lack sufficient access to psychosocial care Those who are sensitive to stress or have mental health concerns, such as those who are neurotic , may be more easily influenced by the pandemic, which could cause relapses or exacerbation of pre-existing mental illnesses. Several studies have demonstrated the connection between increased exposure to nature and improved mental health, including reduced levels of stress and sadness and better sleep.

Spending time in the garden is a great way to keep your mental health in check. Breathing fresh air does us all the world of good, especially when we are surrounded by plants. Studies have shown that simply being around trees and plants reduces stress, eases tension in muscles and lowers blood pressure. In the natural world, we can feel more grounded, accepted, and able to be our true selves.

Spending time in a garden can help our mental health in many ways;

  • Being around trees and plants can reduce stress and anxiety
  • Gardening as a hobby can give us a focus and allow us to set goals to look forward to
  • The natural world can give us a sense of belonging and equality
  • Looking at colorful flowers can help to lift our mood
  • Sharing gardening knowledge and experiences can help us connect with others