Why Garden To Table

Garden to table method is a great way to grow food efficiently and sustainably. You may have heard the term farm-to-table. This term refers to serving locally grown food at restaurants or school cafeterias. It is mainly focused on food freshness, and generally benefits the small-farm economy. Even though the meaning of this phrase can be different for individuals, farm-to-table generally means the food that is grown on the farms, in bigger quantities, and is brought to local facilities.
Garden to table term refers to the product that is grown in much smaller quantities, in the gardens and not on the farms. The production is specifically done for a smaller amount of people, mostly for the family. Garden to table trend became a fun activity for people all around the world. It is educational, and a good source of exercise that gives you emotional fulfillment. However, most important is that it is the way of receiving fresh and nutritious food. If you grow enough vegetables, you can even do the small backyard farmer’s market and sell it to your neighbors and people around.

Benefits Of Garden To Table

If we look into the statistics, we will see that half of the fruit and 20% of the vegetables in the USA are imported from other countries and they have traveled a pretty long distance to get to your table. So, you will not know for sure where they come from or what chemicals were used in the growing process. However, a garden to the table allows having the freshest fruit and vegetables straight from your garden.

If you ask the gardeners who produce the vegetables and fruit at home, they will tell you that they taste nothing like store-bought. They have more nutritional benefits, taste better, are fresh and you know where your food comes from. Growing your food can have several major benefits. One of those is that when you grow the vegetables or fruit yourself, you control what chemicals are used in the process, and therefore you have a knowledge of what you eat.
Some major advantages that come from the garden to table practice are that first of all, it helps reduction of food miles and generally, makes people more self-sufficient. Nothing can compare to the taste of fresh and homegrown tomatoes. It may seem a little overwhelming, however, practicing the garden to the table can be pretty simple and fun. First of all, it is great for the health. It gives people an opportunity to have fresh food with the highest vitamin concentration. Also, you can be sure that what you eat is free of any harmful chemicals. If you have kids, what could be better than giving them healthy food and snacks.

Another great pro of garden to table is that it helps to save money. Organic food has a pretty high price in the stores, and you can grow them with just a minimal cost.

Having a garden is a great exercise and beneficial both for the body and for the mind. Did you know that garden care can burn up to 400 calories in an hour? Another great thing is that being outside in the fresh air and sunshine, being in direct contact with nature produces endorphins and simply makes us happy. In the end, when you bring the food from your garden to the table, it leaves you with a sense of accomplishment.

How To Grow

There are many different varieties of fruits and vegetables. The new breeds mainly are focused on long-lasting effects, However, after this, the products lose flavor and nutrients. Research showed that the nutrition of fruits and vegetables has decreased over the years because of the newly cultivated varieties.

When you grow the vegetables yourself, you have a choice to make. You can choose the varieties and species that fit your needs the most. For example, you can focus more on the flavor and higher nutrients.

Especially for those, who live in the suburbs and smaller towns and have available space, it can be the best thing to do for you and your family. Even if you live in an urban area, garden to table is still possible and it can be managed in many different ways. For example, you can grow the indoor herbs on the windowsill. And even more, you can grow tomatoes and peppers in the pot or container too.

First and the most important factor of delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables is the soil. If the soil has the nutrients that are needed for plant development, the result is great. the pH level of the soil is one of the major factors to consider. So, before you start planting, you must test the soil. Raised garden beds are the most famous way of growing vegetables. It gives them the space to grow and helps root to golf water.

You can do the herb gardens if you are limited in space. Perfect herbs for beginners are basil, cilantro, and chives. They are very easy to take care of and are very useful in the recipes. Not only can you use them for yourself but a garden to the table allows sharing them with the people around you. Carrots, radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, and other leafy plants are very easy to grow and maintain. And everybody loves them. So, they can be a very good start of your garden-to-table experience. If you prefer berries, like strawberries and blueberries, go for it. They will eventually pay for the effort you put into raising them.


  • Growing herbs, vegetables, fruit, or berries is a great way to help nature, provide for the family, and benefit people around you with delicious fresh food. Not only it is a great way of having organic and healthy snacks, but also gives you peace of mind. Nothing compares to the feeling that comes when you receive the positive result of your work. What can be better than actually bringing your garden food to your kitchen table?