Flavor By Faith | Course FAQ’s
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Course FAQ’s

All of your questions, answered! About Course

At Flavor by Faith, our family is dedicated to making the healthy lifestyle your life.

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Meal Prep

If you need to  cancel  or reschedule your food delivery order , please contact us immediately. For cook dates cancelled within 72 business hours, you’ll have the option to reschedule or receive a service credit. A significant amount of time goes into custom order  development, dietary research, consultations/in-home assessments and food questionnaires. For this reason, Flavor by Faith  will issue a full refund minus a 25% administration fee for meal plan cancellations with greater than 72 business hour notice. Cancellations made less than 72 hours, no refunds will be given.

Is our organization a good fit for at the table with flavorbyfaith?

Successful programming can only be achieved when there is a mutual commitment between Flavorbyfaith and our partner organization. This commitment involves understanding and allocating the appropriate staff and resources to ensure successful programming for the intended audience.

What age group does this course cater to?

At the table with flavorbyfaiths programming is custom designed to cover audience of all ages.

What will be my organization's commitment if we partner with at the table with flavorbyfaith?

In order to foster a successful partnership, we ask organizations to consider the following:

  • Understands the responsibilities of the partnership and what Flavorbyfaith provides as a service
  • Allocates adequate staff for flavorbyfaith to adequately, coordination and implement program with minimum disturbance
  • Proactively addresses barriers to ensure successful programming that may include an interpreter and/or transportation for participants to make the programming accessible
What are other considerations if we want to offer a six-week course?

Six-week courses require a physical meeting space. Our courses require a safe, accessible space where all participants can actively engage in group preparation, conversation, and occasionally a shared meal. Partner organizations may be able to identify a convenient space within their organization or may need to seek space elsewhere. A commercial kitchen, although appreciated, is not required – if there is space for food prep and instruction and hot running water, Flavorbyfaith can supplement the course with portable cooking appliances.

What does it cost to have a at the table with Flavorbyfaith course at our site?

Each organization communicates directly with Flavorbyfaith to determine the programming cost that is right for your organization.  An organization will not be turned down solely based on funding and payment plans can be implemented.

Would you like FlavorByFaith to Cater Your Next Event?
Our meals can be custom made to be gluten free, dairy free or vegetarian to meet the needs of you and your guests.

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